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Behind The Nails



My name is Ke'Voyna and I'm the creator of PressedbyVirgo Nails. I have always been very particular when it comes to the details of my manicures. Whenever my nails were done I felt stylish and like a phenomenal woman, and I get it - sometimes we can't afford to go to the nail shop, or make an appointment if we have busy schedules. 

Originally, it was just a fun way for me to keep my nails nice and pleasant. Working in retail, my job dress code didn't allow for any "unnatural" manicures. I also discovered that the chemicals used were damaging my natural nail bed. so I started to explore other options. I felt that press-ons would be the best bet for me, because not only can I control the detail of my manicure, but I can also put them on and take them off, whenever I want to! All of this while maintaining the healthiness of my nails.


PressedbyVirgo allows me to express myself in ways that I never imagined! I enjoy using press-on nail designs to help people in my community slay all day, in an affordable way!


My nails started to do the talking and made a fashion statement for me. I want people around the community to feel the same way as I do without spending all their coins to do so. My nails are my canvas and now yours can be too!

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