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Just incase you forget, We've made it easy for you to Apply and Remove your Pressons properly and safely! Copy our instructions at any time. Need more guidance? Head to our Tutorials page by clicking the link below! 

You can also view application and removal instructions, below.

Each Package Comes With


Application Instructions


1 Nail Buffer


1 Nail Glue


1 Alcohol Wipe

Our nail glue will last up to 5-7 full-set applications!

Application Instructions

  1. Match your nail to each custom presson for a perfect fit 

  2. File each of your nail beds fully

  3. Wipe each nail bed with alcohol pad to remove any oils 

  4. Apply glue to the inside nail bed of the presson nail lightly press and apply to regular nail bed and hold for 10 seconds 

  5. File any excess at the tip of the presson 

Removal Instructions

  1. Fill a Container or sink with (warm temperature water ONLY) and (Liquid Dish Soap Only)

  2. Submerge hands completely underneath the filled container or sink for approximately 3 minutes or more

  3. Start from the corner of your nail bed and slowly begin to lift your presson nail apart from your nail bed (Must be enough moisture in-between your nail bed and presson nail to perform. Soak hands longer if needed.)

  4. Repeat for each nail until all presons are removed 

  5. Rinse hands and buff nail beds to remove all nail glue resin 

  6. Dry your pressons with a dry towel and place them in a safe place to slay in a affordable way another day! 

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